Zerica RFU280 Water Chiller

Zerica RFU280 Water Chiller

The Zerica RFU280 undercounter water chiller has a cooling capacity of up to 85 litres per hour with and adjustable temperature range of 3°C to 12°C. This powerful undercounter chiller with a silver turbo cooling system takes just 3 minutes to cool its output water. Reliable, durable and easy to use requiring no top-ups and virtually no maintenance.

No floats, open tanks or ice-banks to refill. You uses ZERICA’s exclusive Silver Turbo Clean high pressure refrigeration system. Whenever water is dispensed a water vortex is generated on the internal walls preventing biofilm and bacteria proliferation. Bacteriostatic silver seals the stainless steel cooling chamber for zero sanitisation requirements. Just clean, pure, refreshing water.

Designed for both commercial and industrial settings, this chiller offers a high-capacity solution for providing consistently chilled water for ice makers and drinking outlets. With its sleek and compact design, the Zerica RFU280 water chiller is ideal for spaces where both functionality and aesthetics are of paramount importance. The chiller is equipped with advanced cooling technology to ensure a rapid and efficient chilling process, delivering refreshing cold water on demand.

In addition to its performance and user-friendly features, the Zerica RFU280 water chiller is built with a focus on sustainability and energy efficiency. The chiller incorporates eco-friendly refrigerants and energy-saving technologies, aligning with the growing global emphasis on environmentally conscious practices. By prioritizing efficiency, Zerica has crafted a water chiller that not only meets the immediate needs of users but also contributes to a more sustainable and responsible approach to water chilling in commercial and industrial spaces. The Zerica RFU280 water chiller represents a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates advanced technology, user convenience, and environmental considerations in one compact and efficient package.

Recommended Use
Recommended for use with all modular ice maker models.