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The Importance of Water Filters in Ice Makers

blue and white water sediment filter cartridge inside clear filter housing


Most hospitality businesses have a requirement for ice machine. Once you have decided on the ice machine taht suits your needs, you sholud also buy a commercial water filter sytem. These filters are an integral part of the equipment that should not be ignored. Ice making equipment will work without a water filter installed, but should it? Any equipment which creates ice or provides drinking water is providing a product for human consumption. Without a water filter to ensure quality, even a commercial ice machine costing many thousands of dollars cannot produce a quality product. Allowing just any water to flow unfiltered into an ice machine will dramatically decrease the quality of the ice. As the saying goes “garbage in garbage out”.

Why you need a water filter

If you wouldn’t drink water that isn’t clear and free of impurities, then you wouldn’t want to pour your favorite beverage into a glass of dirty ice. It’s for this reason you want to ensure you have an effective water filter system installed on your ice machine. Unfortunately, too many owners of commercial ice making equipment simply forget to replace their machine’s water filter or worse still, never install one in the first place. Only after the impurities from within the water are noticed in the ice are technicians called in. This produces a sub-standard product to the consumer, as well as cause operational faults to the ice machine. Worse still, it can cause contaminated ice.
In the hospitality industry, you have a duty of care to your customers. You need to ensure that the water is healthy and that the ice is pure. If negligence is found, poor business reviews, customer dissatisfaction and even litigation are considerations that cannot be ignored.

The Primary Function of a Water Filter

While the main source of water is treated and filtered to meet national standards and consumer expectations, they all still hold impurities which seeped into the ground. Mains water also travels through ageing infrastructure and water pipes that can add trace amounts of contamination to tap water. A water filter allows water to pass through while trapping microscopic particles and impurities inside many different levels of filtration. The water which flows through the water filter is now pure, clean and safe for consumer consumption. Some water filters can also remove taste, odours and bacteria from water as well. Even turbid water can be filtered into crystal clear and refreshing water, thanks to water filters.

Benefits of water filters

  • Prevent odour and remove chlorine taste in the ice.
  • Ensure water and ice taste good and are hygienic.
  • Prolonged equipment life.
  • Reduced equipment repair bills
  • Block or reduce mineral built up, increasing equipment efficiency.
  • Protect equipment warranty.

Life Expectancy of a Water Filter

The life of a water filter might vary due to type and particular equipment it is designed to protect, however most water filters have an effective life of between six to twelve months. Water filters are not designed to last forever, they are designed to filter out impurities and protect your equipment. Some commercial grade water filters can be expensive, however water filters can result in repair and maintenance savings. Either way, water filters ensure overall customer satisfaction. Can your business put a price on that?

Whatever size of water filter you need, you can get it from Best Ice Machines. We supply all sizes of commercial water filters and to suit all ice machine brands and models. Call us on 1300 237 842 (1300 BESTICE) to learn more.

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