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Ice Dispenser Product Range

With the outbreak of Coronavirus, it’s never been more important to consider the hygene of stored ice. Ice dispensers can help maintain OH&S compliance and avoid ice contamination by removing the need to manually scoop ice from ice storage bins. Dispense ice quickly and easily with the push of a lever, button or foot pedal. Consider the health impact on staff and patrons from dirty ice by providing clean, fresh, untouched ice cubes dispensed directly into containers.

Easy to operate, ice dispenser solutions are available in various sizes to suit hotels, restaurants, hospitals, aged care facilities, construction sites and mine sites. Ice dispenser models are available in modular designs with optional built-in water dispensing features, so fresh, cold drinking water is always available. They are an attractive way to distribute ice in a safe and hygenic manner that helps to protect all users, both staff and customers alike.

Ice dispensers will require a modular ice maker to produce ice, so if you do not currenty have an ice maker you will need to purchase one separately.