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About Staff Ice Makers

While Staff might be best known for their expertise in flake ice, they offer a surprising depth in commercial ice machines. Their name might not immediately suggest it, but Staff caters to a wider range of ice needs than their initial impression suggests.

Their flagship product, the SPS series, is a true champion of flake ice. This thin, soft ice is a favorite in hospitals for chilling blood and creating cold compresses. The fishing industry utilizes it for rapid chilling of fish, preserving freshness and quality. But Staff’s reach extends beyond these specialized uses. Restaurants and bars have discovered the value of flake ice for creating visually stunning seafood displays. The thin flakes nestle perfectly around the fish, showcasing its beauty without obscuring it.

Staff doesn’t stop at just flake ice, though. They understand the diverse needs of various businesses. The SPS series boasts multiple production capacities, with models ranging from a capable 950kg of ice per day to industrial-strength machines that churn out a whopping 2800kg. This allows businesses with varying ice volume requirements to find the perfect Staff machine for their specific needs.

Staff prioritizes efficiency and durability in their machines. The innovative horizontal evaporator drum within the SPS series is a testament to this. This design allows for consistent production of sub-cooled ice, reaching temperatures as low as -10°C. Furthermore, Staff machines are built with saltwater compatibility, making them ideal for marine environments or businesses that utilize seawater in their ice production process.

Staff ice makers are a versatile and reliable choice for businesses with diverse ice needs. They excel in flake ice production, a champion for specialized industries and stunning food presentations. However, Staff doesn’t limit themselves. Production capacity variations and saltwater compatibility demonstrate their commitment to catering to a broad range of requirements. When consistent chilling, beautiful presentations, and efficient operation are key, Staff ice makers deserve a place on the shortlist.

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staff sps950 flake ice maker

Staff SPS950 Flake Ice Maker

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Staff SPS1300 Flake Ice Maker

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Staff SPS2000 Flake Ice Maker

staff sps3000 flake ice maker

Staff SPS3000 Flake Ice Maker