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Self-Contained Flake Icemaker

grant ice systems micro flake ice maker


Introducing the new Grant MB-F-SZ/Y self-contained sub zero micro flake icemaker from Grant Ice Systems. Unveiled at the Fine Foods expo in Melbourne September 2022, this energy efficient flake ice maker can produce up to 300kg per day of fresh micro flake ice and has a built-in storage of 150kg. This stunning new model has a modern exterior and large LCD display panel showing the operator current system status. With quiet operation and a compact footprint for it’s capacity (W1120mm, D675mm, H1985mm) this new model has modern styling to compliment any fit-out, making it an excellent choice for front of house operations. Users will appreciate the built-in large capacity ice storage bin with wide doors, ensuring easy access to scoop fresh flake ice.

Boasting all 304 stainless steel evaporators and surrounds, this flaker is a reliable workhorse. It has an energy-efficient D-shaped stainless steel coil that has been designed to improve refrigerant flow and reduce resistance. It features a high efficiency, low maintenance design, advanced computer control, easy and convenient operation and electronic operation failure fault diagnosis for easy servicing. Naturally, it has Grant Ice Systems flake icemaker reliability, warranty and after sales back up that producers and retailers can rely on.

This large capacity, self-contained micro flake ice maker is perfect for seafood production and displays, meat and poultry processing, supermarkets, mining, science experiments, biological pharmaceuticals, wineries and other various industries.

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