Manitowoc UY0310A Ice Maker

Manitowoc UY0310A Ice Maker

The Manitowoc UY0310A ice maker is part of the NEO range of Manitowoc ice makers, offering an all-in-one undercounter ice making and storage solution. Undercounter ice is all about convenience. Convenience is about saving time and effort. That’s why an ice maker placed exactly where it’s needed most makes perfect sense for so many operations. The NEO range of ice makers are designed to deliver ice wherever you need it.

With its compact footprint, the Manitowoc UY0310A ice maker is suited for various applications, including residential, office break rooms, fast food outlets, bars, restaurants and medical facilities. This compact ice cube machine is ideal for small-volume ice production, for limited use needs, or as a back up for larger machines. The compact size makes this ice maker ideal for an on-the-spot installation, wherever a limited ice need requires equipment with a small footprint. The Manitowoc UY0310A ice maker is equipped with a flat, right-angle plug for easier installation in tight spaces.

Despite their small footprint, the NEO range of ice makers boasts an impressive production capacity. Making up to 135kg per day of crystal clear half dice cube ice (9.5x28x22mm), the Manitowoc UY0310A ice maker can store 45kg of ice in the integrated ice storage bin. Featuring a space-saving 762mm wide undercounter design, the Manitowoc UY0310A ice maker is suited to installations where space is limited and a convenient source of ice is required.

The Manitowoc UY0310A ice maker features a front air intake and exhaust. This means that minimal side clearance is required, contributing to an integrated aesthetic. The ice maker is fitted with an easy access air filter designed for longer operation in greasy and dusty environments, extending time between maintenances and enhancing reliability. Constructed with high-quality materials, this ice maker is built to last and deliver consistent performance over time. The ice maker’s user friendly display icons and controls provide a visual indication that everything is working perfectly, at a glance. No need to open up the bin. The operational buttons and displays feature universally recognised icons, which means NEO speaks your language. Even the keypad has been placed where it can be viewed and activated with ease. No bending required.

The NEO range of ice makers have more Energy Star qualified models than ever before. They consume 25% less water and 10% less energy than previous models. The Manitowoc UY0310A ice maker’s energy-efficient design helps minimize operating costs – that’s performance you can put straight to your bottom line. The Manitowoc UY0310A ice maker’s energy-efficient operation makes it an eco-friendly choice for businesses looking to adopt sustainable practices without compromising on performance. Additionally, the ice maker’s low-noise operation ensures a pleasant working environment for employees and suits domestic installations where noise may be an issue.

Hygiene and sanitation are paramount considerations in the design of the Manitowoc UY0310A ice maker. Corners inside the ice storage bin are smooth and round and the food zone is simplified so it’s much easier to keep clean. Parts that require removal for cleaning are attached with thumb screws so no tools are required. The LuminIce growth inhibitor option is also available for all NEO models, which inhibits the growth of mould, yeast and bacteria, keeping the food zone cleaner, longer. These innovations help maintain optimal hygiene standards, reducing the risk of contamination and ensuring the purity of the ice. With its emphasis on cleanliness and safety, the Manitowoc UY0310A ice maker offers businesses peace of mind knowing that their ice supply is of the highest quality.

With its combination of performance, durability, and energy efficiency, the Manitowoc UY0310A ice maker offers businesses a reliable and efficient solution for producing high-quality ice in commercial environments. Manitowoc NEO. It’s a NEW standard. A NEW class. A NEW level of performance, intelligence and convenience.

Recommended Ice Storage Bin
Not required – this self contained ice maker has built-in 45kg ice storage.

Recommended Use

self contained icemakers application guide

Ice Type

half dice shape ice cube