Manitowoc RFK1300A Flake Ice Maker

Manitowoc RFK1300A Flake Ice Maker

The Manitowoc RFK1300A flake ice maker is a heavy duty solution for businesses that require a steady supply of high-quality, quick cooling, mouldable flake ice. With advanced technology and durable construction, the Manitowoc RFK1300A flake ice maker is suited for various applications, including fast food chains, bars, restaurants, healthcare facilities, construction projects and seafood industries.

The Manitowoc RFK1300A flake ice maker produces up to 545kg per day of soft, pliable ice flakes that conform easily to products without causing damage. Small, soft pieces of ice with a 73% ice to water ratio form around objects without bruising and hold in place without tipping or spilling. This makes it an ideal choice for applications where delicate food items need to be preserved or showcased and is perfect for fast chilling of drinks and creating slushies.

This flake ice maker’s efficient production process ensures a consistent supply of flake ice, even during peak periods, helping businesses meet demand. Additionally, the Manitowoc RFK1300A flake ice maker’s compact footprint and modular design provide versatility and flexibility for various installations. Is is recommended for use with the Manitowoc D570, D970 or F1300 ice storage bins.

Built tough with high-quality materials, the Manitowoc RFK1300A flake ice maker’s improved design features the latest in flake ice making technology. The flake ice maker’s simple controls make operation straightforward, whilst high load capacity bearings and heavy duty gearbox and motor with stainless steel auger is designed to deliver enhanced reliability and consistent performance over time. It’s heavy duty stainless steel cabinet resists corrosion

Energy efficiency is another key feature of the Manitowoc RFK1300A flake ice maker. The machine is designed to minimize energy consumption during operation, helping businesses reduce their environmental footprint and lower utility costs. The Manitowoc RFK1300A flake ice maker’s energy-efficient operation makes it an eco-friendly choice for businesses looking to adopt sustainable practices without compromising on performance.

The ice maker’s low-noise operation ensures a pleasant working environment for employees and customers alike, making it suitable for use in a variety of settings. With its combination of performance, durability, and energy efficiency, the Manitowoc RFK1300A flake ice maker offers businesses a reliable and efficient solution for producing high-quality flake ice in commercial environments.

Recommended Ice Storage Bin
Recommended Manitowoc Ice Storage Bin (Sold Separately): D570, D970 (Requires adapter plate K00470) or F1300 (Requires adapter plate K00470).

Recommended Use

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Ice Type

flake shape ice cube