Manitowoc Liquid Cleaner – Descaler 473ml

Manitowoc Liquid Cleaner – Descaler 473ml

The Manitowoc Liquid Cleaner – Descaler 473ml is a specifically formulated product designed for optimal cleaning and descaling of Manitowoc ice makers. Unlike generic cleaners, the Manitowoc Liquid Cleaner – Descaler 473ml combines two crucial functions in one solution. It effectively removes impurities like dirt, grime, and organic matter through its cleaning action, while simultaneously combating mineral buildup through its descaling capabilities. This targeted approach ensures comprehensive cleaning, addressing both common ice maker concerns.

This ice maker cleaner contains citric and phosphoric acid which breaks down this lime scale (calcium) from its solid state to a form that is soluble with water. This water is then flushed from the system to remove the lime scale. By removing impurities and preventing mineral buildup, Manitowoc Liquid Cleaner – Descaler 473ml contributes to the production of clearer, cleaner, and better-tasting ice. This improves the overall sensory experience and potentially reduces customer complaints associated with off-flavor ice.

Formulated specifically for Manitowoc ice makers, the product ensures compatibility with various components and materials used in their construction. This compatibility minimizes the risk of damage or corrosion, promoting longevity and reliable performance of your ice maker. The liquid format simplifies the cleaning process, eliminating the need for mixing or measuring powders. The product is available in a 473ml bottle, catering to both occasional and frequent cleaning needs. Additionally, clear instructions are provided for safe and effective usage.

Many environmental factors are involved that result in excess calcium and minerals being deposited on an ice maker. This makes it difficult to predict the exact amount of lime scale that will be deposited on an ice machine in a specific location and given time period. The recommended frequency for cleaner usage is 6 month intervals. Due to the cleaners corrosive nature, cleaner/water solutions with concentrations higher than the recommended amount, or frequency of cleaning that is shorter than two months must be avoided.

Use of an approved filtration system with a polyphosphate scale inhibitor is highly recommended for all ice maker installations and will significantly reduce the need for cleaner application in hard water applications. For heavily scaled or contaminated machines, please consult your Installation-operation manual for detailed cleaning instructions.

Manitowoc Liquid Cleaner – Descaler 473ml offers a convenient and effective solution for maintaining optimal ice maker performance. Its targeted cleaning and descaling action, coupled with safety, ease of use, and potential benefits for ice quality and equipment lifespan, make it a valuable addition to any ice machine maintenance routine.

Note: Manitowoc Liquid Cleaner – Descaler 473ml is not approved for the Manitowoc flake/chiplet/nugget and Sotto series ice makers. Use Manitowoc Metal Safe Liquid Cleaner 473ml instead.

Recommended Use
Recommended for use in Manitowoc cube ice makers.