Manitowoc LB1460 Ice Storage Bin

Manitowoc LB1460 Ice Storage Bin

The Manitowoc LB1460 ice storage bin is a heavy duty solution for businesses requiring an efficient storage solution for their ice large scale ice production needs. With a storage capacity of up to 620kg of ice, this large capacity ice storage bin ensures a steady supply of ice for commercial applications such as fast food chains, bars, restaurants, healthcare facilities, construction sites and seafood outlets. It’s spacious size and clever design make it an ideal choice for venues that require a large ice storage capacity to meet the demands of commercial and industrial operations.

The Manitowoc LB1460 ice storage bin suits high capacity Manitowoc cube ice maker models. The ice storage bin is engineered for durability and longevity in commercial environments, featuring heavy-duty welded construction and an exterior stainless steel finish that is durable, corrosion resistant and attractive. The Manitowoc LB1460 ice storage bin has a new polyurethane bin liner that accentuates the crisp clear ice produced by Manitowoc ice makers and non-CFC foamed-in-place industrial insulation prevents ice from melting.

This large capacity Manitowoc ice storage bin offers maximum access for fast, easy ice removal. A durable polyethylene lift door insulates the Manitowoc LB1460 ice storage bin, and helps keep ice lasting longer. Soft Durometer trim around the opening helps silence the bin door closing, whilst a unique cammed bin door self-latch keeps the door in the open position, to keep employees safe when scooping ice. The Manitowoc LB1460 ice storage bin’s impact-resistant sliding windows provide users with easy bin inspection to determine ice levels. The Manitowoc LB1460 ice storage bin has a unique built-in sliding ice gate that controls ice flow into the snout for increased employee safety, easier ice removal, and reduced spillage. Ice can then be easily removed with either scoop or shovel.

The ample storage capacity of the Manitowoc LB1460 ice storage bin ensures businesses have a large amount of ice on hand to meet high demand operations. The Manitowoc F1300 ice storage bin’s quality construction provides outstanding durability and it’s insulated design help preserve ice quality and prevent melting, ensuring that stored ice remains fresh and ready for use at a moment’s notice. A first ice in first ice out design and wide access snout offer maximum access for fast, easy ice removal. Every Manitowoc ice storage bin features height-adjustable chrome legs and is constructed with practicality in mind for years of reliable operation.

Recommended Ice Maker
Recommended Manitowoc Ice Maker (Sold Separately): I1200, I1900 and M1400
Note: Ice deflector may be required for some models – check before purchase.

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