Manitowoc IYT1500A Ice Maker

Manitowoc IYT1500A Ice Maker

The Manitowoc IYT1500A ice maker is designed for operators who know that ice is critical to their business. This ice maker offers a dependable solution for organisations that require a steady supply of high-quality half dice shaped ice cubes. Producing an ice cube size of 9.5mm x 28mm x 22mm (Half Dice), this ice maker creates ice cubes that are perfect for beverage-focused and ice dispensing applications. The Manitowoc IYT1500A ice maker boasts an impressive production capacity and rapid ice production rate. Capable of producing up to 782kg of ice per day, this ice maker ensures a continuous supply of ice cubes to meet the demands of high-volume businesses.

With its advanced technology and durable construction, the Manitowoc IYT1500A ice maker is suited for various applications, including fast food outlets, bars, restaurants, healthcare facilities, construction projects, mine sites, stadiums, and ice bagging businesses. With it’s advanced technology and innovative features, the Manitowoc IYT1500A ice maker delivers a consistent supply of high-quality ice, ensuring businesses can meet their ice requirements with ease.

The Manitowoc IYT1500A ice maker’s modular design provide versatility and flexibility for various installations. Is is recommended for use with the Manitowoc D970, F1300 or LB1460 ice storage bins. When you need an ice dispenser to maintain optimal hygiene standards, and OH&S compliance, the Manitowoc IYT1500A ice maker is compatible with the Kloppenberg DISP500T ice dispenser to accommodate large style water coolers.

Experience the next level of simplicity, sanitation, energy efficiency and reliability with Manitowoc Indigo NXT series ice makers. The Manitowoc IYT1500A ice maker has taken the guess work out of owning and operating a cube ice machine. This ice maker incorporates an icon based 2.8-inch reflective touch display that takes the guess work out of owning and operating an ice maker, providing real-time monitoring and diagnostic feedback to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

The touchscreen provides access and control of all the ice maker’s features: ice machine operating status, step-by-step cleaning instructions, one touch access to the all asset information and a startup wizard to simplify the installation and ice machine set up process. Indigo NXT provides the owner with full status of ice machine, at all times. Now its super easy to program your ice machine to be off at certain times of the day to save money with fluctuating electrical rates. Also programmable by daily ice production volume, the intelligent diagnostics provide 24 hour preventative maintenance and diagnostic feedback for trouble free operation.

The Indigo NXT series ice maker’s preventative diagnostics continually monitor itself for reliable ice production. Improvements in cleanability and programmability makes the Manitowoc IYT1500A ice maker easy to own and less expensive to operate. State-of-the-art diagnostics are used to improve energy management, set proper ice production levels, streamline cleaning processes, ease food safety concerns, maintain ice quality, and quickly display up-to-date service information.

The Manitowoc IYT1500A ice maker utilizes state-of-the-art sensors and advanced algorithms to continuously monitor key performance metrics, such as ice production, water usage, and energy consumption. This proactive approach allows operators to identify and address potential issues before they escalate, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. Additionally, the IYT1500A’s diagnostic capabilities help streamline maintenance tasks, ensuring the ice maker operates at peak efficiency over its lifespan.

Experience the next level of sanitation with Manitowoc Indigo NXT series ice makers. Indigo NXT is the easiest machine to keep clean because of the following features: Signature front facing evaporator allows access to the food zone, signature all white interior to easily spot grime or mould, new D series ice storage bin, with new hinged door that swings open, new ergonomic NSF scoop that keeps the thumb and knuckles from touching the ice and optional fully integrated advanced sanitation solution Luminice II keeps the foods zone cleaner longer. These innovations help maintain optimal hygiene standards, reducing the risk of contamination and ensuring the purity of the ice. With its emphasis on cleanliness and safety, the Manitowoc IYT1500A ice maker offers businesses peace of mind knowing that their ice supply is of the highest quality.

Indigo NXT is one of the most efficient cube ice makers on the market today. The machine is designed to minimize energy consumption during operation, helping businesses reduce their environmental footprint and lower utility costs. Many of the new models incorporate R410A refrigerant, which is environmentally friendly and has 48% less global warming potential than previous models. Indigo NXT is up to 43% more energy efficient than previous models, significantly lowering the cost of ownership. The Manitowoc IYT1500A ice maker ‘s energy-efficient design incorporates features such as variable ice production and intelligent defrost, allowing operators to optimize energy usage based on demand and environmental conditions.

Indigo NXT is the most reliable ice makers that Manitowoc has made. Over a half a million hours of testing went into developing the next generation ice maker. New reliability methodology and HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Test) were used to insure Manitowoc machines will provide years of outstanding service. Indigo NXT ice machines feature Active Sense software that collects data & predicts the optimal freeze for the ice machine time no matter what variables exist.

The Manitowoc IYT1500A ice maker represents a cutting-edge solution in commercial ice production, offering unparalleled performance, efficiency, and reliability. For the past 17 years, FE&S (Foodservice Equipment & Supplies) magazine has named Manitowoc Ice the Overall Best-in-Class in the ice maker category as voted by foodservice consultants, distributors, dealers and operators. No other ice machine manufacturer can say that. That’s why Manitowoc ice makers remain America’s #1 selling ice maker.

Recommended Ice Storage Bin
Recommended Manitowoc Ice Storage Bin (Sold Separately): D970, F1300 or LB1460.
Recommended Kloppenberg Ice Dispenser (Sold Separately): DISP500T.

Recommended Use

modular cube icemakers extended application

Ice Type

half dice shape ice cube