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Commercial ice makers, storage bins and ice dispensers

Ice making and storage solutions for residential, offices, fast food, cafes, bars, restaurants, healthcare, construction projects, mining, stadiums, ice bagging and seafood industries.




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About Manitowoc Ice Makers

Manitowoc ice makers have earned a reputation for being reliable and innovative in the commercial ice machine industry. They offer a wide range of ice production capacities, from machines that produce around 30 kilograms of ice per day to ones that churn out a whopping 800 kilograms. This ensures there’s a Manitowoc ice maker suitable for any business need, whether it’s a small cafe, a large restaurant, a construction project or mine site.

Manitowoc prides itself on being energy-efficient. They boast one of the largest ENERGY STAR portfolios in the industry, meaning their ice machines not only produce quality ice but also keep running costs down. This focus on sustainability makes them an attractive option for environmentally conscious businesses.

Variety is another strength of Manitowoc ice makers. They offer machines that produce different ice types, including full cubes, regular and half dice cubes, gourmet ice, nugget ice, and even flake ice. This allows businesses to choose the perfect ice for their needs, be it for soft drinks, cocktails, or keeping seafood fresh on display.

Manitowoc ice makers are built for ease of use. Their machines are designed for simple installation and operation, making them ideal for businesses that may not have a dedicated maintenance staff. Additionally, many models come with user-friendly features that make it easy to monitor ice production and cleaning schedules.

Manitowoc ice makers are a strong choice for businesses that need reliable, efficient, and versatile ice production. With a variety of ice types and capacities to choose from, and a focus on user-friendly design, there’s a Manitowoc ice maker that can perfectly suit the needs of almost any business.

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