Manitowoc Ice Bagger

Manitowoc Ice Bagger

The Manitowoc ice bagger is a simple yet efficient solution for businesses that need to bag ice on-site, whether it’s a convenience store, campground, liquor store, or any other establishment where bagged ice is in demand. It is compatible with Manitowoc ice makers to facilitate quick and convenient ice bagging within existing ice production systems. It comes with an included bracket for hanging on compatible Manitowoc ice storage bins.

The Manitowoc ice bagger K-00146 is easy to install and slips quickly over the frame of an ice storage bin door opening. The multi-position bracket permits the ice bagger to be placed in the most convenient position for the user. Left and right positions accommodate right-handed and left-handed users, streamlining the ice bagging process, enhancing productivity and ensuring a clean and hygienic ice-handling experience. The ice bagger can also stand by itself on rubber bumpers that protect the floor from damage.

The Manitowoc ice bagger features a large removable chute that directs ice easily into bags, minimizing spillage and mess. This allows for quick and efficient ice bagging, to meet the demands of high volume ice production. Made from stainless steel, the ice bagger features durable construction that is built to withstand frequent use and harsh environments. It’s corrosion-resistant and easy to clean, ensuring long-lasting performance. It also includes 250 twist ties and 250 ice bags (290mm x 470mm) with a maximum fill capacity of 3.5kg, so you can start using it right away.

The ice bagger promotes hygiene by facilitating a clean and controlled ice bagging environment, ensuring that each bag of ice meets the high standards of quality and cleanliness expected by customers. By bagging ice on-site, you can avoid the cost of purchasing pre-bagged ice, potentially increasing your profit margins. Additionally, offering bagged ice can be a convenient service for your customers, leading to increased sales.

Overall, the Manitowoc Ice Bagger is a valuable tool for businesses that need to bag ice on-site. Its efficient design, durable construction, and ease of use make it a worthwhile investment.

Note: If this ice bagger is used with the Manitowoc B400 ice storage bin, the bin must be used with Manitowoc K-00144 adjustable legs (sold separately).

Recommended Use
Recommended for use with Manitowoc ice makers.

manitowoc ice bagger K-00146 on ice storage bin