Manitowoc D570C Ice Storage Bin

Manitowoc D570C Ice Storage Bin

The Manitowoc D570C ice storage bin offers a reliable solution for businesses requiring a convenient and efficient storage solution for their ice production needs. With a storage capacity of up to 241kg of ice, this ice storage bin ensures a steady supply of ice for commercial applications such as fast food chains, bars, restaurants, healthcare facilities, construction sites and seafood outlets. It’s spacious size and clever design make it an ideal choice for venues that require a large ice storage capacity to meet the demands of busy operations. The Manitowoc D570C ice storage bin’s modular design make it easy to install and integrate into existing setups, providing flexibility and versatility for various installation requirements.

The Manitowoc D570C ice storage bin offers a perfect fit and finish with Manitowoc cube, nugget and flake ice maker models. The ice storage bin is engineered for durability and longevity in commercial environments, featuring an exterior Duratech metal finish that is durable, corrosion resistant and attractive. The Manitowoc D570C ice storage bin exterior material has better corrosion resistance than stainless steel, is smudge resistant and easy to keep clean, ensuring longevity and maintaining optimal hygiene standards. A new polyurethane artic blue bin liner accentuates the crisp clear ice produced by Manitowoc ice makers and industrial foam insulation prevents ice from melting.

Duratech wins hands-down when compared to the industry standard 304 stainless steel. Duratech exteriors are made up of a unique alloy combination providing aesthetic appeal with superior strength and durability. Duratech is easy to clean due to a hard clear-coat layer on top of the aluminum alloy which reduces fingerprints and provides scratch protection. The clear-coat surface also makes it easier and faster to wipe clean. Stainless steel grain surfaces can trap contaminants and require additional effort to clean compared to Duratech. Duratech has been tested successfully with stainless steel cleaners, chlorine bleach and other commonly available cleaners. The surface was also tested successfully with Manitowoc cleaner and sanitizer. Ice storage bins are typically kept longer than ice making heads. Bins used for 20+ years are not uncommon, but no matter how long they are used, they will continue to look good despite the environment thanks to superior corrosion resistance

A foamed, insulated door insulates the Manitowoc D570C ice storage bin, reduces sweat on the door, and helps keep ice lasting longer. Soft Durometer trim around the opening helps silence the bin door closing, whilst a unique cammed bin door self-latch keeps the door in the open position, to keep employees safe when scooping ice. The Manitowoc D570C ice storage bin’s new ergonomic door design is angled 53 degrees to allow for easier access to the ice in the bin especially when scooping from the bottom, whilst built in side grips allow you to lift the bin door from anywhere you are standing (left, right or center) even when you have just one hand free.

The ample storage capacity of the Manitowoc D570C ice storage bin ensures businesses have an accessible supply of ice on hand to meet their demands. The Manitowoc D570C ice storage bin’s sturdy construction and insulated design help preserve ice quality and prevent melting, ensuring that stored ice remains fresh and ready for use at a moment’s notice. A built-in scoop holder keeps the ice scoop within easy reach, so you never have to search for the scoop again, minimizing the risk of contamination. Alternatively, an optional external scoop holder kit is available that can be mounted on the left or right side of bins, horizontally or vertically or on a wall. An optional indestructible aluminum alloy ice scoop with sanitary knuckle and thumb guard is also available – works with optional external scoop holder or hangs inside the D-Bin series. An optional ice bagger is also available to make it easy to bag ice (not suitable for D320C or D400C ice bins without optional 304mm legs due to height). Every Manitowoc ice storage bin features height-adjustable chrome legs and is constructed with practicality in mind for years of reliable operation.

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