Kloppenberg SPS-2 Ice Transport System

Kloppenberg SPS-2 Ice Transport System

The Kloppenberg SPS-2 ice transport system streamlines the ice handling process in hospitality, healthcare, and food service industries. This system enables seamless transportation of ice from the production source to various points of use within the venue. Its innovative design and heavy duty construction ensure efficient ice management while minimizing the risk of contamination and ensuring the highest standards of hygiene.

Hygiene is a critical consideration in any foodservice operation, and the Kloppenberg SPS-2 ice transport system is designed with this principle in mind. Constructed from high-quality materials that are easy to clean and resistant to bacterial growth, the integrity and safety of the ice is maintained from production to consumption.

Ice is transported via moulded polyethylene ice carts that have the handle moulded in and won’t dent or scratch, offering simplicity and durability, whilst reducing the potential of venue damage from staff operation. These insulated carts help to minimize heat transfer and preserve ice quality during transportation and ensure compliance with sanitation standards..

Equipped with ergonomic handles and sturdy wheels, the Kloppenberg SPS-2 ice transport system facilitates effortless movement of ice carts, even in busy and crowded environments. The intuitive design allows staff to easily load and unload ice carts, ensuring a smooth workflow and minimizing downtime. The included ice totes allow you to transport ice safely, helping you avoid potential ice cross-contamination issues.

Hands free dispensing and movement of ice with covered carts from ice maker to usage area makes the Kloppenberg SPS ice transport system clean and sanitary. The Kloppenberg SPS-2 ice transport system is designed for easy hose down cleaning.

The Kloppenberg SPS-2 ice transport system efficiently distributes large amounts of sanitary ice throughout busy hospitality venues and production facilities. By optimizing ice management processes and minimizing waste, the Kloppenberg SPS-2 ice transport system enhances operational efficiency, convenience, reliability, and hygiene for commercial establishments of all sizes.

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