Kloppenberg DISP500 Ice Dispenser

Kloppenberg DISP500 Ice Dispenser

The Kloppenberg DISP500 ice dispenser stores up to 294kg of ice. Built tough to withstand harsh operating environments, this large ice dispenser can dispense ice at a rate of 0.9kg per second. Heavy duty components including stainless steel construction, welded base frame, a stainless steel internal timed agitator and stainless steel auger mean that this ice dispenser will provide many years of reliable service meeting the requirements of even the most demanding workplace conditions.

The Kloppenberg DISP500 ice dispenser features a first in first out design. A seamless polyethylene liner with coved corners means the Kloppenberg DISP500 ice dispenser ensures you’ll always have fresh ice at hand. Various stainless steel shelf options allow this ice dispenser to be adapted to either filling water coolers or ice bagging duties.

The Kloppenberg DISP500 is engineered with hygiene in mind. This ice dispenser features a foot pedal for touchless ice dispensing, eliminating manual handling of the ice and minimises opportunity for ice contamination. The dispenser is constructed from high-quality materials that resist bacterial growth and are easy to clean. Its closed design prevents airborne contaminants from entering the ice storage area, maintaining the cleanliness and safety of the ice for consumption.

The Kloppenberg DISP500 ice dispenser is the complete hygienic solution for your heavy duty ice dispensing needs. It is suited to construction, mining, stadiums and ice bagging.

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dispenses ice cubes