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Nugget Ice Maker Product Range

Nugget ice (also called “Chewable”, “Chewblet”, “Cubelet”, “Pearl”, “Pebble”, “Pellet” and “Sonic” ice) is composed of small pieces of chewable compressed flake ice, measuring approximately 2.5 cm (1″) long. Its soft, chewable texture and porous composition allows nugget ice to absorb a drink’s flavor, providing a refreshing, crunchy layer after the drink is consumed.

Benefits of nugget ice:

  • It’s light, airy composition allows it to float at the top of  drinks and distributes more evenly than cubed ice.
  • It is very satisfying to chew on and doesn’t hurt your teeth. It has been compared to chewing on a delicious cloud.
  • It stays intact longer than crushed ice, getting softer over time.

This type of ice is used in cafes, restaurants, hotels, hopitality venues, hospitals and aged care.