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ITV SPIKA MS220 Ice Machine

Ice Production: Up to 220kg/24hrs


The SPIKA ITV ice maker range responds to the needs of fast-food establishments with machines ideal for large consumption of ice. SPIKA machines are presented in under the counter versions (New Generation technology), or in modules with the option of stacking them and duplicating production in the same space. The SPIKA model ice machines are vertical evaporating, with the water distributor patented by ITV which produces ice in the form of dice and half dice. Ice storage bin sold separately.

Recommended Use
Recommended for use in restaurants, clubs, pubs, ice bagging, hotels, convenient stores, fast-food chains, supermarkets and mine sites.


  • Energy STAR Low Power Consumption Certification
  • Strong solid AISI 304 stainless steel box-type frame
  • Tropical T Class compressors suitable for use in environments up to 43°C ambient
  • Smart electronic board controls every parameter and shows the diagnosis of possible failures
  • Produces pure and clear, solid ice cubes with no ridges or hollows, ideal for cooling beverages quickly
  • Cleaning switch allows circulation of water with descaling product (calklin or similar)
  • Designed to allow easy disassembly and servicing for minimal disruption
  • Electronically controlled for energy efficiency and improved servicing
  • Smart water distributor to improve ice cube drop-off efficiency


Manufacturer: ITV
Model: SPIKA MS220 A
Ice type: Cube (Half dice and full dice models available)
Ice Production: Up to 220kg/24hrs
Ice Storage: N/A – Separate ice storage bin required
Width: 762mm
Depth: 620mm
Height: 500mm
Power: 230V/50Hz
Current: 10A
Weight: 85kg
Warranty: 2 years parts and labour

Ice Bin

Ice bin sold separately
Recommended ice storage bins S220, S350 and S400 or ice transport system SCS150, SCS300 and SCD400

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