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ITV Ice Queen IQ550 Granular Ice Machine

Ice Production: Up to 565kg/24hrs


Ice Queen modular ice makers produce granular, flaked ice suitable for presenting and transporting seafood, fruit and vegetables. This commercial ice machine range can be partnered with a SILO ice bin to create an optimal ice production and food transportation solution. Ice storage bin sold separately.

Recommended Use
Recommended for use in seafood, poultry, fruit and veg, medical, restaurant and display applications.


  • Tough, reliable and energy efficient
  • Easy access external operational switches
  • Strong solid AISI 304 stainless steel box-type frame
  • Easy servicing without disassembling the whole machine
  • Patented robust folding door with noise reduction system
  • Stainless steel Auger with resilient coating to maximise lifespan of unit
  • Front and rear ventilation system allows machine to be built-in (ventilation clearances required)
  • Auger built from strong solid AISI 304 stainless steel, with a resilient coating that maximizes product lifespan
  • Cleaning switch allows circulation of water with descaling product (calklin or similar)
  • Tropical T Class compressors suitable for use in environments up to 43°C ambient
  • Designed to allow easy disassembly and servicing for minimal disruption


Manufacturer: ITV
Model: ICE QUEEN IQ550
Ice type: Granular
Ice Production: Up to 565kg/24hrs
Ice Storage: N/A – Separate ice storage bin required
Width: 675mm
Depth: 550mm
Height: 800mm
Power: 230V/50Hz
Current: 20A
Weight: 105kg
Warranty: 2 years parts and labour

Ice Bin

Ice bin sold separately
Recommended ice storage bins S220, S350 and S400 or ice transport system SCS150 and SCS300

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