Ice-O-Matic CD40530JFW Ice Dispenser

Ice-O-Matic CD40530JFW Ice Dispenser

The Ice-O-Matic CD40530JFW ice dispenser is the complete hygienic solution for your ice dispensing needs. The Ice-O-Matic range of ice dispensers feature a simple user friendly push to turbo dispense operation that can dispense up to 113g of ice per second, minimising wait times when hydration stations are in demand at the start of shift. The Ice-O-Matic CD40530JFW ice dispenser provides maximum ice storage in a minimum amount of space with an ultra low profile, whilst a smudge proof finish prevents finger prints and smudges.

The JFW range of Ice-O-Matic ice dispensers is designed to dispense water in addition to ice cubes and fill 5 litre cooler jugs with both ice and water, common on many construction projects and mine sites. The Ice-O-Matic CD40530JFW ice dispenser is designed to suit the hydration requirements of these sites by accommodating 5 litre insulated containers and providing shift-long hydration to any workforce, helping to maintain site-wide OH&S obligations.

Featuring a first in first out design, this ice dispenser is constructed from corrosion-resistant stainless steel and fingerprint-proof plastic that resist bacterial growth and are easy to clean. It’s closed design prevents airborne contaminants from entering the ice storage area, minimising the opportunity for ice contamination and maintaining the cleanliness and safety of the ice for consumption.

The Ice-O-Matic CD40530JFW ice dispenser has 81kg of ice storage capacity. This storage capacity ensures a steady supply of ice during peak hours, minimizing the need for frequent refills and reducing downtime. The dispenser’s large dispensing chute accommodates various container sizes, providing flexibility and convenience for users, perfect for when large volumes of sanitary ice are required.

Engineered to meet the demands of harsh environments such as work depots, construction projects and mine sites, the Ice-O-Matic CD40530JFW ice dispenser offers a reliable solution for hygenic ice dispensing wherever staff hydration is a priority. Heavy duty components including stainless steel internal timed agitator and stainless steel auger mean that this ice dispenser will provide many years of reliable service meeting the requirements of even the most demanding workplace conditions.

Ease of use and maintenance are paramount in any commercial ice dispenser, and the Ice-O-Matic CD40530JFW ice dispenser represents represents efficiency and convenience in both areas. The simple push-button and lever controls allow for effortless operation, while the Power Clean allows access to the ice storage bin without moving the ice maker for easy cleaning and maintenance. An interlock safety switch turns off machine agitation when the top-front access panel is removed for maintenance safety.

The Ice-O-Matic CD40530JFW ice dispenser is designed with energy efficiency in mind, featuring 102mm foam insulation for maximum ice preservation – no more quick melting ice. A seamless polyethylene liner with coved corners means the Ice-O-Matic CD40530JFW ice dispenser ensures you’ll always have fresh ice at hand. With it’s combination of durability, efficiency, and user-friendly features, the Ice-O-Matic CD40530JFW ice dispenser is an indispensable asset for businesses seeking a reliable and efficient solution for ice dispensing and staff hydration in demanding environments.

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