coast ICB700SC modular stainless steel ice storage bin

Ice Storage Bins

An ice storage bin, ice dispenser or ice transport system can help solve all of your ice storage needs. A commercial ice maker or ice machine may produce plenty of crystal clear ice, but where will you store it all? Ice storage bins and ice dispensers will keep your ice clean, fresh and ready for use any time you need it.

Ice storage bins and ice dispensers are available in many sizes, with smaller countertop and under counter ice machines having built in ice storage. Larger modular head commercial ice makers require seperate ice storage bins.

Ice Storage Bins for Sale

Best Ice Machines provide quality ice storage and transport equipment throughout Australia at wholesale prices. Our extensive range includes commercial ice storage bins, ice dispensers, ice transport systems and ice bagging systems. Whether it’s for an office, workshop, cafe, restaurant, hotel, club, pub, supermarket, mine site, construction site, hospital, aged care facility or seafood market, we have an ice storage bin and ice dispenser system to suit you. Choose from a large range of ice storage solutions with capacities from 54 kilograms to 1186 kilograms of ice storage. 

Ice Storage bins For Your Business

  • Ice storage bines to suit any ice maker.
  • Ice storage bins for cafes, restaurants, pubs, clubs and hotels.
  • Ice dispensers for office lunch rooms, hotels, hospitals, aged care facilities, construction sites and mine sites.
  • Ice storage bins and ice transport systems for hotels, hospitals, mine sites and construction sites.

Popular Ice Storage Bin Categories

coast ICB700 modular stainless steel ice storage bin

Ice Storage Bins

Ice storage bins are sold seperately to modular ice machines and are available in different sizes. Keep your restaurant or bar stocked with a reliable supply of fresh made ice ready for use whenever you need it.

ice-o-matic CD40530JFW stainless steel jug filling ice and water dispenser

Ice Dispensers

Need to ensure your ice is not contaminated? Ice dispenses reduce human contact with the stored ice. An inbuilt auger dispenses the right amout of ice every tims. Can be lever, push button or foot pedal activated.

follett ITS1350SG stainless steel ice storage dispensing and transport system with smart carts

Ice Transport Systems

We have ice transport systems for a hotels, hospitals, mine sites and construction sites. Large models can provide a reliable supply of fresh made ice ready for use whenever and wherever your staff need it.

Choosing the Right Commercial Ice Storage bin

Commercial ice makers produce large amounts of ice. A commercial ice storage bin is essential for medium to large scale ice storage and distribution in any foodservice business. There are many options available and finding the best ice storage bin can be a great challenge if you lack an appropriate guide. Match the right ice storage bin to your ice maker for your bar, restaurant or construction site and consider these factors when purchasing the best ice storage bin to serve your needs:

How much ice will an ice storage bin store?

If you have a constant, steady demand for ice in your business, then a smaller ice storage solution may be suitable. However, you may not use much ice for an extended period, then need a lot of ice in a short time. If so then a larger ice storage bin may be a suitable solution. Matching the storage capacity of an ice bin to your usage can help ensure that you don’t run out of ice when you need it. If you are unsure of the right size ice storage bin for your business, try our ice maker size guide to help in choosing the best size ice storage bin for your needs.

What will you use the ice for?

There are many different types of ice storage solutions, all suited to different ice makers and different uses.

  1. Ice storage bins for general use.
  2. Ice dispensers to maintain hygene by limiting consumer contact with the ice.
  3. Ice baggers to store and bag ice for future sale or use.
  4. Ice transport systems for larger ice distribution needs.

Are the correct services for an ice storage bin installed?

All commercial ice storage bins require a minimum of drainage to a main drain line tundish point. It is essential to ensure this drainage point is at floor level in order to allow proper drainage of the ice bin. If you have an ice dispenser, then you will also require a power supply nearby and if the dispenser is fitted with optional water dispenser, then a filtered water supply will also be required.

Remember to check the specifications of the ice bin you intend to purchase and make sure to contact a licenced trades-person to have these services installed if they are not within one meter of the intended installation location. See our online store for specifications on a wide range of ice storage and dispensing solutions or visit our FAQ section for more information.


follett ITS2250SG stainless steel ice storage dispensing and transport system with smart carts

Ice Maker Finance

Want to improve your business cash flow and prefer to lease an ice maker? No problem. We have finance options starting as low as $20 per week. Talk to our friendly staff and ask about our finance options. We work with both Skope Funding and SilverChef to help your business cash flow.

Australia Wide Distribution

Best Ice Machines are one of Australia’s leading ice maker machine distributors, with supplier warehouses in many major capital cities. We can deliver your new commercial ice maker to Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Hobart, Darwin, Perth and to all regional areas throughout Australia. Need your new commercial ice machine delivered anywhere, on time, and on budget? Call Best Ice Machines. We have a great range to support many industries. At Best Ice Machines, we offer only high quality commercial ice makers for sale and we give you a broad range of choice. You can select a hoshizaki ice machine, scotsman ice machine, ice o matic or manitowoc ice machine and much more.