Kloppenberg Ice Bins and Ice Transport Systems For Sale

Kloppenberg stainless steel ice bins and ice transport systems are industrial grade and built to last. Stainless steel provides many benefits including sanitation, strength and versatility, maintaining resistance to heat, cold and corrosion.whilst staying sleek in appearance. More than a name, a legacy borne by the hard work, dedication and fortitude of George Kloppenberg who established his sheet metal business in 1941.His dream, hard work, superior quality stainless steel and vision, all key ingredients still present in the implementation of Kloppenberg’s current mission and operating values. At present time Kloppenberg and Company calls an over 10,000 square metert facility nestled within Englewood, Colorado, home. Seventy years ago George and Zona Kloppenberg worked side by side in the manufacturing plant to create a product they felt was worthy of their namesake. To this day they toil hard to make a superior stainless steel product that would make their founders proud. Best Ice Machines offer Kloppenberg ice bins and ice transport systems for sale in our online store at great prices.


In business since 1941, Kloppenberg has the storage products, dispensers, carts and ice transport systems you need. Their selection includes single and double upright ice bins, dispensers that distribute by the bag or container full, carts with poly or stainless steel options, as well as replacement parts. Kloppenberg also provide accessories such as bin dividers, cart buckets, ice scoops and more. When it comes to your ice storage needs, Kloppenberg’s got it!

Kloppenberg Ice Bins For Sale

Best Ice Machines has a large range of Kloppenberg ice bins and ice transport systems for sale in our online store. If you need a Kloppenberg ice bin or ice bagging equipment, contact us for a great price. Follow the links to learn more and shop now.