Grant Flake Ice Makers and Flake Ice Machines For Sale

Grant Ice Makers are manufactured by Grant Ice Systems, which is a joint venture company started by the USA based Grant Group and the Ningbo Nanyang Hotel Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which manufactures commercial and industrial ice making machines. The company possesses a modern manufacturing facility with advanced production techniques and management which has a strict quality control system. Grant flake ice making equipment is designed with advanced technology, excellent performance and highly economical energy consumption.

Large Range Of High Capacity Machines

At present there are two main series available, producing producing sub zero flake ice at a rate of 400kg to over 10000kg within 24 hours. All Grant equipment is constructed from high quality heavy duty components to stand harsh production environments. Large capacity flake ice makers are suited to supermarkets, sea food markets, meat, food and chicken processing, the sea food and fishing industry, butcher shops, chemical engineering of dyes, concrete construction, science experiments, biological pharmaceuticals, mining industry, bakery, winery, skiing field as well as various other industries.

Grant Flake Ice Makers For Sale

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