Follett Ice Makers and Ice Machines For Sale

Since 1948 Follett LLC has led the industry in designing and manufacturing high quality, innovative ice storage bins, ice storage and transport systems, ice machines, ice and water dispensers, ice and beverage dispensers, and medical-grade refrigerators and freezers for the foodservice and healthcare industries. Follett’s continuing goal to reach 100% customer satisfaction has resulted in equipment that provides outstanding innovation and design excellence to meet the specific needs of each customer. Their entire company is dedicated to providing the most customer-oriented service in the industry. Follett occupies over 20,000 square meters of plant and office space in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. Follett built its own 5,500 square meter manufacturing facility in Gdansk, Poland in 2005 to support global customer growth. Best Ice Machines offer Follett ice makers and ice maker machines for sale in our ice maker store at great prices.


Follett is committed to creating an enduring company that delivers solutions to promote health, safety and well-being. This commitment can only be achieved with keen attention to sustainability, or “meeting the needs of the present without sacrificing the needs of the future.” Follett makes it a practice to consider the impact of their actions on the environment, market, community, and employees, to identify opportunities and take action where practicable. Follett maintains internal programs that include sustainability for the market, community, and employees and is pleased to share our environmental programs with you.

Follett Ice Makers For Sale

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