Ice Makers and Ice Machines for Sale

Commercial ice makers and ice machines will keep your bar stocked with a large supply of fresh ice cubes. A reliable source of crystal clear ice from a commercial ice maker can benefit a hospitality business by enhancing drink quality and provides excellent return on investment. From chilling your favourite beverage to enhancing seafood displays, quality ice makers are a significant asset to any business that relies on keeping products cold.

Ice makers are available in many sizes, ranging from smaller portable ice makers and countertop ice machines to large modular head commercial ice makers with seperate ice storage bins. See our ice maker size guide to learn more about the ice machine that best suits your needs.

How do Ice Machines Work?

Ice machines consist of several major components. An expansion device, evaporator, compressor and condenser, as well as numerous other smaller components. It contains a suitable high pressure refrigerant, capable of readily absorbing and rejecting heat.

The compressor compresses a suitable refrigerant gas and passes it as a high pressure vapour to the condenser where heat absorbed by the refrigerant is rejected to the atmosphere. The refrigerant changes state into a high pressure liquid and is fed to a metering device called a TX valve. When passing through this valve, the refrigerant undergoes a pressure drop and in doing so it lowers the temperature of the evaporator to a point suitable for freezing water. As the water freezes and turns to ice, heat is absorbed in the evaporator by the refrigerant and is pumped back to the condenser via the compressor to complete the refrigeration cycle.

Water enters the ice machine through an electrically operated solenoid valve or water float valve. It is circulated from a water trough in the bottom of the ice machine over a refrigerated grid called an evaporator, before falling back into the trough to be circulated again. Continuously passing over the chilled evaporator grid causes the water to freeze in layers into ice cubes, in the shape and size of the grid. When the ice is thick enough, the ice machine enters harvest mode, where the evaporator grid becomes warm enough to melt the surface of the ice cubes. The newly-formed ice cubes then fall into a ice storage bin or ice dispenser eady for use and the ice making cycle starts again. This cycle of ice making and harvesting ice cubes continues until the ice storage bin is full, whereupon the ice machine stops automatically. When ice is consumed and the level in the ice storage bin drops, the ice maker automatically restarts and begins the ice making process once again.

follett ice maker with door open and full of ice

Popular Ice Machine Categories

manitowoc RNS-0385 self contained stainless steel nugget ice machine

Ice Machines

Ice on demand. When your business needs ice, these commercial ice machines are ready to work. Benchtoop, undercounter and self contained models in all sizes from Australia’s most trusted brands.

ice-o-matic CIM0525 modular ice machine

Modular Ice Machines

Modular ice machines are high capacity commercial machines that can be paired with seperate ice storage bins of different sizes to suit you business needs. Choose from half cube, full cube and large cube models.

coast ICB700 modular stainless steel ice storage bin

Ice Storage Bins

Ice storage bins are sold seperately to modular ice machines and are available in different sizes. Keep your restaurant or bar stocked with a reliable supply of fresh made ice ready for use whenever you need it.

ice-o-matic CD40530JFW stainless steel jug filling ice and water dispenser

Ice Dispensers

Need to ensure your ice is not contaminated? Ice dispenses reduce human contact with the stored ice. An inbuilt auger dispenses the right amout of ice every tims. Can be lever, push button or foot pedal activated.

follett E25FB425A-S stainless steel freestanding ice and water dispenser

Ice and Water Dispensers

Need an ice and water dispenser or ice and sparkling water dispenser for a business or office? We have both countertop and freestanding models to suit any need.

Advantages of Owning Your Own Ice Machine

A commercial ice machine is a must-have appliance for any foodservice business and has many bebefits.

  • Convenience. No more inconvenient trips to buy bagged ice. Concentrate on running the business, not running to the shops.
  • An unlimited ice supply. Make as much ice as you need, whenever you want it. You’ll always have ice on hand.
  • Quality assured. By controlling the maintenance of the ice machine, you control the quality of the ice it produces.
  • Ice is always fresh. Fresh ice is appealing and appetizing. Cool you drinks with fresh, clear ice.
  • Produce the type of ice that suits your needs. Different models of ice machine make different types of ice. Buy the ice maker that makes the type of ice that suits your individual requirements.
  • Bag ice and store it for later. If you need more ice during certain times, why not bag the ice and store it in a freezer for your busy periods.


manitowoc neo U-310 self contained stainless steel ice cube machine

Ice Maker Finance

Want to improve your business cash flow and prefer to lease an ice maker? No problem. We have finance options starting as low as $20 per week. Talk to our friendly staff and ask about our finance options. We work with both Skope Funding and SilverChef to help your business cash flow.

Australia Wide Distribution

Best Ice Machines are one of Australia’s leading ice maker machine distributors, with supplier warehouses in many major capital cities. We can deliver your new commercial ice maker to Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Hobart, Darwin, Perth and to all regional areas throughout Australia. Need your new commercial ice machine delivered anywhere, on time, and on budget? Call Best Ice Machines. We have a great range to support many industries. At Best Ice Machines, we offer only high quality commercial ice machine brands for sale and we give you a broad range of choice. You can select a hoshizaki ice machine, scotsman ice machine, ice o matic or manitowoc ice machine and much more.