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Frigmac LS400SS Water Cooler

Cooling Capacity: Up to 148L/hr
Water Storage: 474L

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The Frigmac model LS400SS water cooler is designed to provide chilled water to large groups of users, with 4 people served at a time. With up to 474 litres of chilled water storage and adjustable temperature control, this heavy duty water chiller is capable of supplying chilled water in demanding conditions whenever it’s required. The water chiller’s rugged design and full stainless steel paneling are suited to harsh operating conditions commonly found in remote mining and construction sites.

Recommended Use
Recommended for use in mine sites, construction sites, oil rigs, shire depots and large workshops.


  • Four chrome faucets
  • Cooling capacity of up to 148 litres per hour
  • Full stainless steel paneling on outer body
  • Seam welded stainless steel water storage tank
  • Water storage capacity up to 474 litres
  • Water level controlled by ball float
  • Insulated, hinged, lockable lid
  • Adjustable cold water thermostat
  • Australian made
  • Optional copper heat exchanger can be fitted inside the water storage tank to feed cold water to an ice machine


Manufacturer: Frigmac
Model: LS400SS
Condensing Type: Self Contained Air Cooled
Water Supply: Mains Fed Water Supply
Width: 1098mm
Depth: 730mm
Height: 1537mm
Power: 230V/50Hz
Current: 15A
Weight: 135kg
Water Cooler Warranty: 1 year on refrigeration system

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