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Ice and Water Dispensers – All Brands

Ice and Water Dispenser Product Range

Compact, sanitary and efficient. An ice and water dispenser will keep your ice clean, fresh and ready for use any time you need it by eliminating the need to scoop ice. Designed for commercial environments, ice and water dispensers are the perfect addition to any office or common area where there is a demand for hygienic low to medium volume refreshment.

Ice and water dispensers are available in many sizes, with countertop and free standing units available to suit individual needs. Sparkling water models are also available for those that need the convenience of self-service ice and water at the press of a button.

Benefits of Ice and Water Dispensers

The biggest benefit of an ice and water dispenser is hygene. By eliminating the need for customers to manually scoop ice out of an ice storage bin, the possibility for accidental contamination is greatly reduced. Another benefit of an ice and water dispenser is convenience. Patrons can retreieve as much ice as desired, whenever they want, without having to wait to be served. Ice makers with water dispensers built in – what could be better?

When you need to maintain OH&S compliance in your workplace, an ice dispenser is not just a convenience. Demonstrate your commitment to staff health and safety with an ice dispenser that helps to prevent ice contamination.

Ice and water dispensers are suited for use in hospitality, aged care, hospital, offices and staff rooms.