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Ice Maker Resource Library

Explore our resource section to learn more about ice makers and the various types of ice they produce.

From tips when sizing an ice maker, to a guide on the various ice cube sizes and their uses and a blog on all things ice maker related, your questions can be answered here.

The Ezi-Ice EZI20FA Ice Machine produces up to 25kg of crystal clear hard cube ice.
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Ice Maker Size Guide

Not sure what size ice maker to buy? We’ve got you covered. Our ice machine size guide is backed by over 35 years in the commercial refrigeration industry to help you make the right choice.

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FAQ Section

Our FAQ section addresses many commonly asked questions about ice makers. From what size ice maker will suit your business and how to install it, through to maintenance and more.

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Ice Types

Ice cubes are ice cubes, right? Wrong. There are many different shapes of ice cubes produced by ice makers. All different in size and shape, each suited to a different purpose.

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Ice Maker Blog

Keep up with the latest ice machine news withour ice maker blog. We regularly update this section with all the latest ice maker news from all the big brands in Australia.

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