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How Long Does It Take For A New Ice Maker To Start Working?


The amount of time an icemaker takes to produce ice once it has been installed, depends on the type of icemaker you have purchased. Domestic icemakers such as the ones found in kitchen refrigerators, take far longer to produce ice than dedicated commercial icemakers.

It can take up to 24 hours for a domestic icemaker to cool down enough to make ice. A new icemaker cannot produce ice until the ice mould temperature cools to about -10°C. Once the icemaker produces ice, you should throw away the first two batches of ice cubes that the icemaker dispenses to ensure that all the ice cubes you use are made from clean water and the ice cubes are free from contaminants.

Dedicated commercial icemakers are far more efficient in the ice production process and therefore take less time to produce ice once the ice maker has first been switched on. Usually the first batch of ice takes longer to produce than second and subsequent batches of ice due to the fact that the incoming water has not been pre-cooled by a previous ice cycle. Depending on the model of ice maker it usually takes around 30 minutes to produce the first batch of ice. Second and subsequent batches of ice can take between 15 and 25 minutes. If you notice that your ice maker is taking longer to produce ice than it previously used to, try changing the water filter and cleaning the condenser. Regular maintenance helps keep the ice clear and pure. It also improves the efficiency and life expectancy of your ice making equipment.

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