Hoshizaki IM-65NE-Q Ice Maker

Hoshizaki IM-65NE-Q Ice Maker

The Hoshizaki IM-65NE-Q ice maker is a compact yet powerful solution for sophisticated commercial establishments requiring a steady supply of unique artisan ice cubes. Renowned for its reliability and efficiency, this ice maker is a popular choice for chic bars and restaurants that want to make a statement with large unique ice cubes in premium spirits and cocktails.

The Hoshizaki IM-65NE-Q ice maker produces up to 26kg per day of crystal clear ball shaped ice cubes that have superior chilling ability combined with a beautiful appearance. Producing unique ball shaped artisan ice cubes of 45mm diameter that resist diluting drinks, the Hoshizaki IM-65NE-Q ice maker provides the perfect artisan ice on demand for customers who require a large, unique round ice cube for the ultimate cocktail and spirit presentation in high-end establishments. The compact ice maker stores 17kg of freshly crafted ball ice cubes in the integrated ice storage bin, so you’ll always have ice on hand when you need it.

Your cocktails and spirits have never looked better than with the Hoshizaki IM-65NE-Q ice maker. Each artisan ice ball is individually made by a jet spray in a closed water circuit that offers the ultimate contamination protection. After creating each new batch, the ice maker automatically drains and refills for fresh, hygienic ice that your customers will love. Hoshizaki ice makers are micro computer controlled, controlling the ice making process to perform at its best under varying circumstances, without having to make physical adjustments.

The Hoshizaki IM-65NE-Q ice maker boasts a professional and hygienic finish, prioritizing both aesthetics and functionality. Its exterior is constructed from high-quality stainless steel, offering a sleek and modern appearance that complements various bar settings. This durable material also ensures easy cleaning and sanitization, promoting a clean and hygienic environment. Foam injected polyurethane insulation helps preserve the quality and consistency of the ice produced, reducing the number of production cycles.

Durability is not the only consideration in the design of this machine. The Hoshizaki IM-65NE-Q ice maker is engineered for easy maintenance, low water and energy consumption. It features an intelligent control system that optimizes ice production while minimizing energy consumption. This not only helps to reduce electricity costs but also makes the ice maker an eco-friendly choice. Additionally, the machine is equipped with a highly efficient refrigeration system that ensures quick ice production without compromising on quality. The food zone components are easily dismantled for cleaning, whilst a removable front facing air filter allows end users to carry out a routine cleaning schedule, extending product life expectancy and reducing the frequency and costs of maintenance call-outs and deliver superior performance.

The Hoshizaki IM-65NE-Q ice maker is a compact and efficient machine that delivers high-quality ball shaped ice cubes. With its impressive production capacity, energy efficiency, durability, and user-friendly design, this ice maker is a perfect choice for establishments in need of a reliable and convenient solution to crafting high end artisan ice cubes for the ultimate spirit and cocktail experience.

Recommended Ice Storage Bin
Not required – this self contained ice maker has built-in 17kg ice storage.

Recommended Use

specialty icemakers application guide

Ice Type

round shape ice cube