Hoshizaki FM-150KE-N Nugget Ice Maker

Hoshizaki FM-150KE-N Nugget Ice Maker

The Hoshizaki FM-150KE-N nugget ice maker is an state-of-the-art undercounter machine that is specifically designed to produce high-quality nugget ice wherever you need it. Designed for commercial venues such as restaurants, seafood markets, and healthcare facilities, this machine boasts an exceptional production capacity of up to 140kg of ice per day and a storage capacity of 26kg. Its compact footprint and undercounter design makes it an ideal choice for establishments with limited space, while still delivering the performance and reliability expected from Hoshizaki.

The Hoshizaki FM-150KE-N nugget ice maker is capable of meeting the demands of small to medium volume businesses. This type of ice is loved by many for its unique texture that is soft, chewable and gentle on the mouth, which makes it perfect for drinks, smoothies, and even as a standalone treat. The nugget ice produced by this machine is small, cylindrical, and easily moulds to fit the shape of containers, making it perfect for beverage presentation and preservation. Nugget ice is preferred by aged care facilities and hospitals for patient hydration due to it’s soft, chewable texture.

Ease of use and maintenance are essential considerations for any commercial kitchen equipment, and the Hoshizaki FM-150KE-N nugget ice maker excels in these areas. The intuitive control panel allows for easy operation and monitoring of nugget ice production, while the machine’s durable stainless steel construction ensures longevity and resistance to corrosion. Cleaning and maintenance are simplified with a front-facing air filter that can be easily accessed for cleaning, ensuring optimal performance and hygiene. Front air louvres ensure appropriate airflow in critical installations with front air discharge design for compact spaces.

The Hoshizaki FM-150KE-N nugget ice maker is a cutting-edge machine that delivers high-quality nugget ice with a soft and chewable texture. With its impressive production capacity, energy efficiency, and durability, this ice maker is a perfect choice for businesses in need of a reliable and efficient solution to creating a superior beverage experience. Whether you’re running a restaurant or a healthcare facility, the Hoshizaki FM-150KE-N nugget ice maker is sure to enhance your beverage offerings and provide a delightful ice experience for your customers, beyond traditional beverage service.

Recommended Ice Storage Bin
Not required – this self contained ice maker has built-in 26kg ice storage.

Recommended Use

nugget icemakers application guide

Ice Type

nugget shape ice cube