Hoshizaki B-1500SS Storage Bin

Hoshizaki B-1500SS Ice Storage Bin

The Hoshizaki B-1500SS ice storage bin caters to businesses with significant ice demands, offering a reliable solution for storing and managing large quantities of ice. With a storage capacity of up to 680kg of ice, this ice storage bin ensures a steady supply of ice for commercial applications such as fast food chains, bars, restaurants, healthcare facilities, construction sites and seafood outlets. It’s spacious size and clever design make it an ideal choice for venues that require a large ice storage capacity. The Hoshizaki B-1500SS ice storage bin’s modular design make it compatible with various models in the Hoshizaki ice maker range, providing flexibility and versatility for various installation and ice production requirements.

The ice storage bin is engineered for durability and longevity in commercial environments, featuring an exterior stainless steel finish that is durable, corrosion resistant and attractive. The Hoshizaki B-1500SS ice storage bin is smudge resistant and easy to keep clean, ensuring longevity and maintaining optimal hygiene standards. A seamless high-density polyethylene internal liner simplifies cleaning and resists scratching to maintain hygiene, while commercial grade polyurethane insulation curbs ice cube melting and maximises ice storage life.

A top-hinged, front-opening, pouch style insulated door insulates the Hoshizaki B-1500SS ice storage bin, preventing condensation while providing maximum ice access and minimal spillage. A sealed door gasket reduces the risk of airborne bacteria contaminating the ice and load resistant stainless steel adjustable legs enable installation on uneven surfaces. To ensure the safety of the ice, the Hoshizaki B-1500SS is equipped with a unique baffle system. This system prevents ice from falling out of the bin when the door is opened, reducing the risk of accidents or spills. It also helps to maintain the quality and integrity of the ice by minimizing exposure to external contaminants. View windows provide instant ice inspection and thermal break.

Despite its large capacity, the Hoshizaki B-1500SS ice storage bin maintains a relatively compact footprint, making it suitable for kitchens with limited floor space. This powerhouse ice storage bin boasts a remarkable ice storage capacity, ensuring a substantial reserve of ice to meet the needs of busy restaurants, hotels, bars, stadiums and other high-volume establishments. This eliminates the need for frequent refills and minimizes disruptions during peak service hours. Additionally, its modular design allows for even greater storage capacity when paired with another Hoshizaki B-1500SS ice storage bin, ideal for businesses with exceptionally high ice consumption.

The Hoshizaki B-1500SS ice storage bin is a durable and efficient storage solution that provides ample space for ice storage in commercial kitchens and bars. With its stainless steel construction, generous storage capacity, convenient features, and compatibility with Hoshizaki ice machines, this ice bin is a reliable choice for businesses that require a steady supply of ice. Whether you need to store cube, flake, or nugget ice, manage your average daily demand and peak demand ice usage with the Hoshizaki B-1500SS ice storage bin.

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