Grant MB0.3F Flake Ice Maker

Grant MB0.3F Flake Ice Maker

The Grant MB0.3F flake ice maker is a robust and reliable solution for industrial ice production. Grant flake ice makers are designed to keep pace with the demands of busy commercial environments, contributing to seamless operations in hospitality, healthcare, construction and seafood industries. Renowned for their ability to produce soft, chewable flakes, Grant flake ice makers offer a solution that goes beyond conventional ice types. The unique flake ice produced is ideal for preserving and displaying perishable goods, such as seafood, as the pliable nature of the ice conforms to the product’s shape without causing damage.

The Grant MB0.3F flake ice maker is engineered with state-of-the-art technology to ensure a consistent and high-volume output of flake ice – crucial for businesses that demand a steady and constant supply of ice for their operations. Ice is produced at -9 degrees, from a static vertical evaporator, completely sealed, with minimum maintenance required for the lifetime of the machine. The evaporator is made of high quality, low temperature alloy steel, which increases the heat exchange efficiency and reduces the energy consumption of the machine.

Grant flake ice makers incorporate innovative technologies to optimize water usage and power consumption during the ice-making process, making them an economic and environmentally responsible choice, whilst offering excellent performance and ease of operation. User-friendly controls allow for easy management and monitoring of the ice production process. Whether it’s enhancing food presentation or preserving delicate items in healthcare, the Grant MB0.3F flake ice maker offers reliable high volume ice production. It has built in ice storage of 150kg to ensure you large quantities of flake ice whenever you need it.

Recommended Ice Storage Bin
Not required – this self contained ice maker has built-in 150kg ice storage.

Recommended Use

flake icemakers application guide

Ice Type

flake shape ice cube