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Ice making solutions for supermarkets, food processing, seafood and fishing industries, chemical engineering of dyes, concrete construction, wineries, biological pharmaceuticals and mining.

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About Grant Ice Makers

When it comes to industrial-grade ice production, Grant ice makers are a force to be reckoned with. Manufactured by Grant Ice Systems, a global leader in commercial refrigeration, these machines are renowned for their high capacity, robust construction, and energy efficiency, making them ideal for medium to large-scale applications.

Grant ice makers specialize in producing sub-zero flake ice. Unlike traditional cubes, flake ice is thin, soft, and crushable, offering several advantages. Its rapid chilling capabilities make it perfect for the preservation of perishable goods in the seafood, poultry, and meat processing industries. Additionally, flake ice conforms easily to containers and products, minimizing air pockets and maximizing cooling efficiency.

Grant offers a wide range of flake ice maker models to cater to diverse production needs. Their machines boast capacities ranging from a staggering 300 kilograms to over  10 tons of ice per day. This allows businesses to select the perfect solution for their specific requirements, ensuring they have the ice production power to meet even the most demanding needs.

These ice makers are built to last. Constructed with heavy-duty components and featuring high-quality materials like 304 stainless steel evaporators, they can withstand the rigors of continuous industrial use. Additionally, Grant prioritizes ease of maintenance with features like easily accessible components and minimal moving parts.

Grant ice makers are surprisingly energy-efficient for their high production capabilities. Many models utilize advanced technologies for optimal heat transfer and refrigerant flow. This not only reduces operational costs but also contributes to a more sustainable environmental footprint. So, if your business requires a large-scale, reliable flake ice production solution, Grant ice makers offer a compelling combination of power, durability, and efficiency.

Featured Products

grant MB0.3F flake ice maker

Grant MB0.3F Flake Ice Maker

grant ff0.6ar flake ice maker

Grant FF0.6AR Flake Ice Maker

grant ff2.5ar flake ice maker

Grant FF2.5AR Flake Ice Maker

frant ff5as flake ice maker

Grant FF5AS Flake Ice Maker