Franke Eco3Ice X1 Ozone Generator

Franke Eco3Ice X1 Ozone Generator

The Franke Eco3Ice X1 ozone generator provides a groundbreaking solution for ensuring the cleanliness and safety of ice produced by commercial ice makers. The Franke Eco3Ice X1 ozone generator uses a unique, synthetic diamond-based technology that continuously treats incoming water used by ice makers, killing bacteria, yeast and mould in the ice-making path from beginning to end.

The Franke Eco3Ice X1 ozone generator utilizes ozone technology to sanitize and disinfect the entire ice-making system. This reduces biofilm build-up, greatly extending required time between cleanings. With each cycle, Eco3Ice creates a small, safe but effective amount of pure ozone – nature’s own sanitizer – which continuously treats the machine interior, storage bin, remote bin and drains.

Ozone is a natural and environmentally friendly disinfectant. This powerful oxidizing agent, effectively eliminates bacteria, viruses, and biofilm within the ice maker, ensuring that the ice produced is of the highest quality and meets stringent hygiene standards. The Franke Eco3Ice X1 ozone generator harnesses the power of ozone to sanitize ice-making equipment without the need for chemical additives. This not only promotes eco-conscious practices but also ensures that the ice production process is free from harmful residues, contributing to a cleaner and safer ice supply.

The Franke Eco3Ice X1 ozone generator is designed for seamless installation, making it accessible for operators looking to enhance the hygiene of their ice-making equipment. The user-friendly interface allows for simple controls and monitoring, ensuring that the ozone-generating process is efficient and reliable. With its cutting-edge technology and sustainability focus, the Franke Eco3Ice X1 ozone generator represents a pivotal advancement in ice maker hygiene, setting a new standard for cleanliness and safety in commercial ice production.

Recommended Use
Recommended for use on most commercial ice machines with flow rate of up to 1.28lpm. For units requiring more than 1.28lpm, refer to Franke Eco3Ice X4.
Note: Do not connect Eco3Ice to other appliances such as beverage or ice and water dispensers. Not suitable for household ice makers.