Follett ITS500NS-31 Ice Transport System

Follett ITS500NS-31 Ice Transport System

The Follett ITS500NS-31 ice transport system is designed with speed, safety and sanitation in mind. The elevated ice storage bin uses gravity to dispense ice through a chute 15 times faster than scooping. One pull of the gate bar fills the SmartCART™ 240 ice cart with 91kg of ice without any hand contact to help prevent cross-contamination. The SmartCART 240 insulated all-poly carts drain to the Follett ITS500NS-31 bin system when parked in bay.

The Follett ITS500NS-31 ice transport system has a first ice in is first ice out design, with the extra-deep 1016mm bin specifically designed to accommodate self-contained and remote scale ice makers. An industry-exclusive inner SmartGATE ice shield positively controls ice flow into the access door area for safe, easy dispensing directly into cart to help prevent cross-contamination. The SmartGATE locks open in 3 positions and returns easily to full down position even when the bin is full, delivering more safety with less ice spillage.

Durable polyethylene lift doors with PowerHinge™ door hinges mean the Follett ITS500NS-31 ice transport system doors stay safely open without the need for door catches. Innovative one-hand open and close door design eliminates sharp corners to protect workers and features a moulded-in gasket that never needs replacing.

The poly ice access door assembly withstands heavy abuse in critical areas whilst eliminating rusting and corrosion. Easy clean non-corroding poly liners, top and trim eliminates pitting and staining from released chlorine. This ice storage and transport system Includes one or two SmartCART 240 ice transport carts depending on the model. Optional Totes™ ice carriers may be ordered – SmartCART 240 will hold 6 Totes for use in applications where the ice needs to be lifted out of the SmartCART 240.

Recommended Ice Maker
Recommended Ice-O-Matic Ice Maker (Sold Separately): CIM0435, CIM0635, CIM1135.
Recommended Follett Ice Maker (Sold Separately): Maestro and Horizon series ice makers.

Recommended Use

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