Follett EVU155NW Ice Dispenser

Follett EVU155NW Ice Dispenser

The Follett EVU155NW ice dispenser is a versatile and reliable solution for businesses that require a convenient and efficient ice dispensing system. This ice dispenser can help you to cut labor costs, increase safety and sanitation and eliminate the need to fill and manually deliver ice with buckets that may have been used for other purposes.

Follett’s specially equipped ice machines easily attach to a bar well, automatically filling it with Chewblet ice. This special, customer-preferred ice provides a similar melt rate to traditional cubes and works exceptionally well in blended drinks. Chewblet ice is perfect for packing glasses to create cool, attractive and full drinks that leave customers with a crunchy treat even after the liquid is gone.

Pair the Follett EVU155NW ice dispenser with a Follett chewblet ice maker with satellite fill RIDE technology to integrate into a bar or food outlet counter. This ice dispenser suits Follett chewblet model MCE414ABS with RIDE.

The Follett EVU155NW ice dispenser combines functionality with sleek design. With a capacity to hold up to 68kg of ice, this dispenser is well-suited for a variety of commercial settings in fast food, bars, restaurants and stadiums, where a steady supply of ice is essential for customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

The ice dispenser features simple controls and intuitive operation, allowing users to easily dispense ice with the push of a button. The durable construction and reliable performance ensure that businesses can depend on the Follett EVU155NW ice dispenser for consistent ice dispensing, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. Additionally, the dispenser’s compact footprint makes it ideal for spaces where floor space is limited, offering versatility in installation options.

The Follett EVU155NW ice dispenser is engineered with advanced technology to ensure hygienic ice dispensing and optimal ice quality. The dispensing mechanism is designed to prevent ice contamination, maintaining the integrity and cleanliness of the ice supply. The integrated Agion antimicrobial protection inhibits the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms, further enhancing the hygiene of the ice storage and dispensing system. With these features, businesses can rest assured that the ice dispensed by the Follett EVU155NW ice dispenser meets the highest standards of cleanliness and safety.

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