Follett DEV860SG Ice Storage Bin

Follett DEV860SG Ice Storage Bin

The Follett DEV860SG ice storage bin and SmartCART 75 represents a significant advancement in ice handling and logistics for commercial venues. Designed to dispense ice through a chute into a Follett SmartCART 75 ice transport cart, the Follett DEV860SG ice storage bin and SmartCART 75 offers an efficient method for transporting ice from the production source to various points of use.

With the ability to hold up to 391kg of ice, the Follett DEV860SG ice storage bin is capable of accommodating the high-volume ice demands of busy commercial environments. The bin’s rugged construction, including a stainless steel frame with adjustable legs, ensures stability and durability in demanding conditions. This reliability allows businesses to efficiently move large quantities of ice throughout their facilities without the risk of spills or damage.

The Follett DEV860SG ice storage bin’s access door is easily removable with 4 screws to enable easy installation through standard door openings. Innovative one-hand open and close door design eliminates sharp corners to protect workers and features a moulded-in gasket that never needs replacing. The poly ice access door assembly withstands heavy abuse in critical areas whilst eliminating rusting and corrosion. Easy clean non-corroding poly liners, top and trim eliminates pitting and staining from released chlorine. The single door Ice DevIce ice storage is compatible with most non-flake ice types.

The ice storage bin has a first ice in is first ice out design, with the deep 787mm ice storage bin able to accommodate various models of ice makers, allowing users to select from a range of ice makers and choose the ice production that best suits their needs. With its innovative design and heavy duty construction, the Follett DEV860SG ice storage bin and SmartCART 75 ensures the safe and hygienic handling of ice, making it an indispensable asset for businesses such as hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and event venues.

The Follett DEV860SG ice storage bin and SmartCART 75 is engineered for user convenience and ease of use. An industry-exclusive inner SmartGATE ice shield positively controls ice flow into the access door area for safe, easy dispensing directly into ice transport carts to help prevent cross-contamination. The SmartGATE locks open in 3 positions and returns easily to full down position even when the bin is full, delivering more safety with less ice spillage. Durable polyethylene lift doors with PowerHinge door hinges mean doors stay safely open without the need for door catches.

The Follett SmartCART 75 ice transport cart is designed with speed, safety and sanitation in mind. It features a single front wheel that swivels, allowing operators to effortlessly maneuver the cart through tight spaces and unload ice with minimal effort. The ice cart’s ergonomic handle and smooth-gliding castors provide operators with precise control during transport. SmartCART 75 ice carts fit through narrow aisles and can hold up to 34kg of ice in three totes ice carriers.

Hygiene and sanitation are paramount considerations in the design of the Follett DEV860SG ice storage bin and SmartCART 75. The bin is constructed with smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces to facilitate sanitation during use, minimizing the risk of contamination and ensuring the safe handling of ice. The Follett SmartCART 75 ice transport cart helps maintain ice quality during transport, reducing the risk of melting and preserving the integrity of the ice until it reaches its destination. With its combination of capacity, durability, user-friendly features, and hygiene considerations, the Follett DEV860SG ice storage bin and offers businesses a reliable and efficient solution for transporting ice in commercial environments.

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