Coast ICB180SC Ice Storage Bin

Coast ICB180SC Ice Storage Bin

Cost-effective ice storage bins play a crucial role in the efficiency of commercial establishments that rely on a steady supply of ice for their operations. The Coast ICB180SC ice storage bin is specifically designed to store and preserve ice in large quantities. It has a storage capacity of up to 180kg, ensuring that businesses can meet the demands of peak periods without compromising on quality or hygiene. This high capacity ice storage bin suits Ice-O-Matic 30 inch wide modular ice makers to provide ice storage for high ice demand commercial and industrial applications.

Cost-efficient ice storage bins are not only about upfront affordability but also focus on long-term operational savings. The Coast ICB180SC ice storage bin is made to withstand the harsh conditions of a busy kitchen or bar environment. It is engineered to enhance energy efficiency, reducing the overall cost of keeping the stored ice frozen for extended periods. It features an elegant 304 stainless steel finish, easy to clean curved edges, soft close door and adjustable stainless steel legs.

With Coast ice storage bins, businesses can invest in a cost-effective ice storage solution that not only meets their immediate needs but also provides a reliable and economical option for the long run. With various sizes and capacities available in the Coast range, businesses can choose the right ice storage bin to seamlessly integrate into their existing operations.

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