ChillTech I Water Pre-Chill System

ChillTech I Water Pre-Chill System

Using pre-chill technology, the Systems IV ChillTech I lowers incoming water temperature to ice makers through a cold exchange process. The results are a significant reduction in ice maker cycle times, lowering power consumption up to 30% while increasing ice making capacity up to 30% or more. The ChillTech I model is suitable for ice makers that have ice production capacities up to 540kg/24 hours.

How the ChillTech system works
Many ice makers discharge cold water at the end of each ice making cycle as part of their normal operation. The ChillTech I absorbs the the ice maker’s just above freezing dump water before it is sent to waste, and fills the main heat exchange vessel. This dump water then sits on copper coils inside the unit, making them extremely cold. These cold copper coils are connected to the potable incoming water, significantly dropping the temperature of the water that is then fed to the ice maker. This ‘pre-chill’ process speeds up the ice maker’s cycle times as the appliance has to remove less heat from the incoming water to form ice, thus saving you energy as well as money, while producing ice at a much faster rate.

How the ChillTech system is installed
Systems IV has developed the The ChillTech I to be a very simple add on to existing or new ice makers. Designed to sit on the floor or attached via a simple mounting bracket that can be attached to the wall or the side of the ice storage bin for additional support. The ChillTech I attaches to the existing ice maker drain line, is fast to install and maintenance free.

Installation requires nothing more than taking the existing drain tubing from the ice maker itself and installing it to the inlet line and then installing the continuation drain line to the drain. The inlet potable water line to the ice maker needs to be routed to the marked flare fitting and the continuation to the ice maker from the flare fittings. It would be advisable, although not necessary to wrap the continuing water line to the ice maker with insulation. This would maintain the cold temperatures the ChillTech brings to the ice maker.

ChillTech system benefits
The ChillTech I catches that wonderful free energy and transfers the cold left over water to the incoming warmer water in it’s system to bring the temperature down by up to 30%. The result is an ice maker that makes much more ice in the days and months and even years to come on FREE energy. The essence of simplicity is generally what works! Today, GREEN is the issue… This product is about as green as it gets!

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