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Manitowoc RNK0320A Nugget Ice Machine

Ice Production: Up to 143kg/24hrs


Great things happen when you combine the popularity of nugget ice with the quality and reliability of Manitowoc. The Manitowoc RNK0320A nugget ice machine provides a soft, chewable texture while maintaining maximum cooling ability. With longer pieces and 90% ice quality, tubular nugget is ideal for dispensing applications reducing the potential for congealing ice and minimising drink dilution. High capacity dispensing make these ideal for convenience stores and restaurant settings. Nugget ice consists of small pieces ranging from 3/8″ to 1/2″ in width and length on average. Ice storage bin sold separately.

Recommended Use
Recommended for use in health spas, ice fountains, hospitals, aged care facilities, cafeterias and restaurants.


  • Bite-sized nugget boasts maximum cooling and minimal drink dilution.
  • Perfect for carbonated beverages, blended smoothies and healthcare/physical therapy.
  • Continuous production means quieter operation with no noisy harvest cycles
  • Evaporator is designed for maximum quality and operating life


Manufacturer: Manitowoc
Model: RNK0320A
Ice type: Nugget
Ice Production: Up to 143kg/24hrs
Ice Storage: N/A – Separate ice storage bin required
Width: 559mm
Depth: 600mm
Height: 660mm
Power: 230V/50Hz
Current: 15A
Weight: 76kg
Ice Maker Warranty: 3 years parts and 2 years labour
Compressor Warranty: 5 years parts and 2 years labour

Ice Bin

Ice bin sold separately
Recommended Storage Bin A320, A420 or A570 (requires adapter plate K00472)
Recommended Ice Dispenser Bin SPA160 or SPA310 (requires adapter plate K00472)

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