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Staff Ice Makers

Staff Ice Maker Product Range

Staff Ice Systems – Shipboard or Land-Based suitable for Salt or Freshwater Flake Ice Machines.

The SPS Series (Evaporator Only) Flake Ice Machines produce a low temperature (-10c) sub-cooled fresh or salt (sea) water flake ice at 2.0-2.5mm thick, using a horizontal rotating evaporator drum for ice production. Multiple capacities available.


  • Direct freon expansion: evaporators with a high heat transfer. For improved effeciency, the freon expansion takes place in direct contact with the evaporator.
  • When installing on a fishing boat, the operating logic automatically controls the rolling and swinging.
  • Low mechanical stress: Delays programmed at the start and end of cycle allow the evaporators to start without being blocked by ice.
  • Programmable logic controller monitors ice production and signals the presence of potential anomalities.
  • Water humidity control: SPS scale ice makers can regulate the water level in the bin and water flow out of the evaporator jet to produce ice that is more or less dry.