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Best Ice Machines offers the best ice maker brands  for sale at wholesale prices. Our extensive range includes commercial ice makers, industrial flake ice makers, ice storage bins, ice dispensers, ice transport systems and ice bagging systems. Whether it’s for an office, workshop, cafe, restaurant, hotel, club, pub, supermarket, mine site, construction site, hospital, aged care facility or seafood market, we have an ice maker machine to suit you. Choose from our huge range of high performance ice makers with capacities from 20 kilograms to 20 tonnes of ice production per day.

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Masterfrost undercounter ice maker


Devanti portable ice makers are an affordable alternative to bagged ice and create ice when you need it. You can easily monitor the water level or when the ice cube container is full and there is an automatic indication when the water level is low. They operate quietly and efficiently, making them ideal for use in the kitchen.

coast ICB700SC modular stainless steel ice storage bin


Coast ice storage bins are commercial grade and built to last. Featuring rugged, fingerprint-proof doors, sturdy leg design, corrosion-proof bin liners and durable stainless finishes, Coast’s range of ice storage bins are an affordable alternative to OEM ice bins.

Follett ice maker on Follett ice storage bin


Since 1948 Follett LLC has led the industry in designing and manufacturing high quality, innovative ice storage bins, ice storage and transport systems, ice machines, ice and water dispensers, ice and beverage dispensers, and medical-grade refrigerators and freezers for the foodservice and healthcare industries. 

Grant 10 tonne ice flaker plant


Grant Ice Makers are manufactured by Grant Ice Systems, which is a joint venture company started by the USA based Grant Group and the Ningbo Nanyang Hotel Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which manufactures commercial and industrial ice making machines.

Ice O Matic ice machine on Ice O Matic ice storage bin

Ice O Matic

Ice O Matic is the premier manufacturer, distributor and supplier of ice machines worldwide. They provide crystal-clear ice with a full line of cubers, flakers and patented Pearl Ice® machines, plus they offer the highest-quality storage bins, dispensers and water filters in the business. 

ITV ICE-QUEEN-IQ135 ice maker


ITV Ice Makers, Inc. is a dynamic and innovative U.S Company, with its factory in Spain. ITV was founded in 1981. Today, ITV is a leading and prestigious company in the hospitality industry. ITV have more than 30 years in the business, with over half a million customers in nearly 100 countries.

stainless steel ice storage bin and transport system


Kloppenberg has the storage products, dispensers, carts and ice transport systems you need. Their selection includes single and double upright ice bins, dispensers that distribute by the bag or container full, carts with poly or stainless steel options, as well as replacement parts.

Manitowoc ice machine on Manitowoc ice storage bin


Manitowoc have curated an extensive portfolio towards deliberate diversity and versatility. From modular systems to remotely-controlled units, they’re constantly innovating intuitive designs to help your business realize its full potential. Manitowoc’s customized solutions provide much more than just temporary enhancements.

Masterfrost undercounter ice maker


Masterfrost ice makers have been designed to work in the toughest environments. With a focus on quality and reliability, they aim to develop and promote top quality products.Today the heritage of determination to create the best ice maker units and listening to the market’s needs has identified Masterfrost as a major player in the worlds market.