Baker BR200 Water Filter Cartridge

Baker BR200 Water Filter Cartridge

Building upon the success of the BR100, the Baker BR200 water filter cartridge takes ice filtration to the next level. Designed for high-volume businesses with demanding needs, the Baker BR200 water filter cartridge boasts double the capacity and filtration power, ensuring consistently pristine ice and optimal water quality, even during peak periods.

Standing proudly at 450mm tall with a 100mm width, the Baker BR200 water filter cartridge offers significant filtration capacity compared to its smaller BR100 counterpart. This translates to a longer life between replacements, minimizing downtime and maintenance costs. The multi-stage filtration process remains the same, effectively capturing sediment, chlorine, and hardness minerals, addressing the most common cause of ice machine problems. However, the increased size allows for even more efficient capture and longer-lasting performance.

The benefits of the BR200 extend far beyond just ice. Imagine serving beverages with crystal-clear, great-tasting water that elevates the entire customer experience. This improved water quality can enhance the flavor of your coffee, tea, and cocktails, potentially boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty. Additionally, the reduced hardness protects your ice making equipment from scale buildup, leading to extended lifespans and reduced repair costs.

Installation and maintenance remain effortless with the BR200. The sanitary quick-change design ensures mess-free replacements and ensures hygienic handling, while compatibility with both the Baker BR20 water filter system and the Baker BR30 water filter system (2 x required) offers a seamless integration for businesses already utilizing these trusted solutions. This user-friendly design keeps your operation running smoothly, even during busy periods.

Whether you manage a high-traffic restaurant, a busy hotel chain, work depot, mine site or any establishment with demanding ice and water needs, the Baker BR200 water filter cartridge is the ideal solution. It’s double capacity, potent filtration, and user-friendly features deliver exceptional value, safeguarding your Manitowoc ice maker equipment, enhancing your offerings, and ultimately contributing to your business’s success.