All-Ice DISP130 Ice Dispenser

All-Ice DISP130 Ice Dispenser

The All-Ice DISP130 ice dispenser provides convenience and efficiency for staff hydration. Designed with the demands of harsh environments in mind, the All-Ice DISP130 ice dispenser offers a reliable solution for sanitary dispensing of ice.

The All-Ice DISP130 ice dispenser is designed to accommodate large water coolers as well as filling buckets, cups and refillable bottles. With a storage capacity of 60kg, this ice dispenser features a rocking chute activation dispense mechanism to help avoid ice contamination on the work site, perfect for when large volumes of ice are required. With its spacious ice dispensing zone this dispenser is suited for use in hospitals, oil rigs, work depots, construction and mine sites.

Hygiene is paramount in foodservice settings, and the All-Ice DISP130 ice dispenser prioritizes cleanliness and sanitation. Constructed from high-quality materials that resist bacterial growth and are easy to clean, this dispenser helps minimize the risk of contamination and ensures the ice remains safe for consumption. Its closed design prevents airborne contaminants from entering the ice storage area, maintaining the integrity of the ice and safeguarding the health of staff.

The All-Ice DISP130 ice dispenser is engineered for efficiency and sustainability. It minimizes heat transfer and preserves ice quality while reducing energy consumption. Whether it’s dispensing ice for beverages, or medical applications, the DISP130 excels in delivering reliable performance while meeting the highest standards of hygiene and efficiency.

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dispenses ice cubes