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“Best Products, Best Quality, Best Prices”

Best Ice Machines have been supplying high quality commercial ice makers and accessories throughout Australia and the Pacific Islands since 2016. We offer some of the most trusted ice making equipment brands available in Australia, including Coast, Ezi-Ice, Follett, Frigmac, Grant, Hoshizaki, Icematic, Ice-O-Matic, ITV, Kloppenberg, Manitowoc and Staff.

Best Ice Machines supply ice making equipment and accessories at great prices to a wide range of industries including domestic, hospitality, construction, mining and seafood, all backed by fast service and long warranties.

Not sure what ice maker you need? No problem. Chat to the ice maker experts for advice on an ice machine that suits you. Best Ice machines can organise professional installation and maintenance programs for your new ice maker, in many locations around Australia.

Leading hotels, clubs, construction projects and mine sites throughout Australia and the Pacific Islands trust Best Ice Machines to provide their ice making equipment, with freight direct from multiple warehouses around Australia.

 – The Best Ice Machines Team –



With over 35 years experience in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry, Chris is a qualified electrical and refrigeration engineer.  He is a warranty service agent for multiple ice maker brands and has extensive service and repair experience with most ice makers on the market. When he isn’t working, Chris enjoys playing with his three German Shepherd dogs and cruising in his Mustang.



Therese has over 35 years experience in office administration and runs several companies in her own right. She oversees accounts and pays the bills. She is even known to help with deliveries when the need arises. When Therese isn’t overseeing the office (and everything else!), she enjoys hiking and playing with her three German Shepherd dogs.



The office dynamo! Emma has a wealth of experience in office administration as well as customer service. Working tirelessly behind the scenes, Emma makes sure that your new ice maker gets to it’s destination on time, with minimal fuss. In her spare time, Emma enjoys reading books and time with her two German Shepherd cross dogs.

Your Trusted Resource for Finding the Best Ice Machines

We at Best Ice Machines are passionate about keeping things cool, literally! We understand the importance of having a reliable ice machine that can meet your needs, whether you’re a homeowner looking for perfectly chilled drinks or a business owner requiring a constant supply of ice for your customers.

Our Mission:

  • To provide unbiased reviews of the latest ice machines on the market.
  • To educate consumers on the different types of ice machines and their functionalities.
  • To help you find the perfect ice machine for your specific needs and budget.

Our Team:

Our team is comprised of ice machine enthusiasts with years of experience in all things ice maker related. We stay up-to-date on the latest ice machine technologies and trends to ensure you get the most accurate and helpful information.

Why Choose Us?

  • Independent Reviews: We don’t accept sponsorships from ice machine manufacturers. This ensures our reviews are completely unbiased and based on our own experience and research.
  • Detailed Comparisons: We go beyond basic features and delve into the nitty-gritty details of each ice machine, making it easy for you to compare different models.
  • Expert Advice: We offer helpful guides and tips to assist you in choosing, installing, and maintaining your ice machine.

Let us help you find the perfect ice machine!

Browse our website today to explore our comprehensive ice machine reviews and resources.

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Our Services

Specialising in commercial and industrial ice machine solutions, our experienced staff can cater for all your ice machine needs.  We support the needs of hospitality businesses, mining and industry.

Brands We Offer

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