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6 benefits of an ice maker at home

The Ezi-Ice EZI20FA Ice Machine produces up to 25kg of crystal clear hard cube ice.


Whilst many of us have visited bars, clubs and restaurants that have a commercial grade ice maker, you may not have considered the benefits of having one in your home. Whether you want to enjoy a chilled glass of your favourite beverage or whip up a cocktail, you need to have plenty of ice on hand. Here are six things you should know about commercial ice makers to determine whether this appliance is right for your kitchen.


Ice on demand

At the end of a long day when you want to relax with a cold drink, it can be frustrating to reach into the freezer and find the ice tray empty. With a commercial ice maker you can have a large supply of ice whenever you need it. No more waiting for the ice cube tray to refreeze or last minute trips to the local service station for bagged ice, you’ll have ice whenever you want.

Large quantity of ice

Commercial ice makers come in a large range of sizes to suit any need, from home use to ice production on an industrial scale. Most brands have a compact range that starts at 20kg of ice per 24 hours, with their largest compact models capable of making an impressive 80kg of ice in a day. These compact commercial ice makers can store up to 40kg of ice at a time. That’s a lot of ice cube trays!

Better quality of ice

Many modern refrigerators are sophisticated, however they produce ice cubes by filling a cube tray with water and use the freezer temperature to turn the water into ice cubes. This results in ice freezing from the outside inwards which creates cloudy ice. Commercial ice makers use large activated carbon water filters, removing hard water minerals to supply high quality of water to the ice maker. They then stream water over a cold surface and create ice in layers. This has the effect of creating crystal clear ice cubes with far fewer trapped impurities per ice cube than can be made in your refrigerator. 

Easy to use

Since commercial ice makers are connected to a cold water supply line and permanent drainage, they are very simple to use. Just make the required connections and you’re good to go. No need to constantly fill the appliance with jugs of water or empty overflow trays, it all happens automatically.

First aid

Ice makers have greater use than simply chilling a bottle of wine or two at your next dinner party. You never know what life has in store for you. From sunburns, sprained ankles or fevers needing ice packs to ice baths for muscle relaxation and remediation, a commercial ice maker can produce the ice you need and store it for immediate use in case of life’s misadventures.

More affordable than you think

Commercial ice makers are o longer the sole domain of the bar or restaurant. They are becoming more popular as standard household appliances, serving many purposes. Prices start from around $1100 for quality brands with long warranties. Once you’ve experienced the benefits of having a commercial ice maker in your own home, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without one. Check out our range of compact ice makers here and see why you need one in your life.


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